Thompson/Center Arms sets the standard for development and innovative thinking in the hunting firearms industry. Employing a professional staff of hunters, engineers and craftsmen, T/C gathers essential design feedback from the field, the lab, and the factory. Thompson/Center engineers and gunsmiths then process all the information and data into new and practical features that real world hunters benefit from every day.

Bolt Action

5R RiflingTM

It's because of 5R Rifling that so many of our firearms include the Minute of Angle (MOA) guarantee (three shots in one inch at 100 yards, with premium ammunition). 5R rifling's unique design provides benefits to the shooter by causing less bullet deformation. By design, the edges of each land do not cut into and deform the bullet jacket. When the bullet jacket is less deformed, there will be less jacket fouling in the grooves. The results are better consistency of accuracy from shot to shot, greater bullet stability over multiple shots, and ultimately, a rifle that's easier to clean thoroughly. Standard on all Bolt-Action models including the TC Dimension® and Venture™.



The technology department set out to design an advanced, tough-as-nails, corrosion protection system. This system, when applied to the barrel and other critical metal parts, makes the gun nearly impervious to rust. Environmental testing proves Weather Shield is 50 times more corrosion resistant than stainless steel alone. After 350 hours of exposure to normal environmental elements, stainless steel showed rust and wear while Weather Shield remained unaffected.

Available on various Triumph®, Triumph® Bone Collector® and T/C Venture Weather Shield rifles. On any hunt and in any climate, Weather Shield protects your investment from the wear of the elements wherever the hunt takes you.


A rubber coil of arcs, that when placed at a precise location in the stock, achieves the maximum amount of shock absorption possible—more than any stock innovation on the market today.



T/C Power Rod is a patented pivoting handle that is integrated with a solid aluminum ramrod. With a convenient low profile T-handle, loading your muzzleloader is quicker and less painful than ever. The Power Rod comes standard on the Encore® Pro Hunter and is also available as a T/C Authentic Accessory on the Triumph Bone Collector.


A rotating hammer design currently available on the Encore Pro Hunter. This adjustable hammer can be off set to allow easy access to the hammer spur when the rifle is scoped, and can be keyed to allow the spur to be placed in the center, left or right hand positions.


The Speed Breech XT reduces fouling by 95%, needs no cleaning, never seizes, and now it can be removed by hand. No tools, no mess, just a 90 degree turn to remove. Available on the Encore Pro Hunter XT, Triumph and Triumph Bone Collector.

Quick Load Accurizor

Quick Load Accurizor (QLA®), is yet another T/C technology that is standard on all T/C muzzleloaders. QLA makes loading simple and fast. Unlike other muzzleloaders, QLA allows the hunter or shooter to quickly and easily load their muzzleloader by incorporating a false muzzle design into the end of the barrel. In the midst of the hunt, QLA can help save you precious time when loading that second shot.


A convenient feature that allows the primer extractor to be tipped out of the way by hand for easy removal of the breech plug. It comes standard on the Encore and Encore Pro Hunter XT, and is a T/C authentic accessory available for all Encore muzzleloaders.


Thompson/Center teamed up with Sims Vibration Laboratory, Inc., known for their recoil reduction technology, to develop a process that absorbs muzzleloader shock and vibration. The result is the FlexTech recoil reduction system.

  • Reduces felt recoil by 43% (when combined with the LimbSaver® recoil pad).
  • Absorbs harmful recoil and vibration that punishes the shooter and damages or loosens scopes.

Four synthetic recoil arches create a crush zone that allows the stock to compress during the recoil process. The LimbSaver recoil pad has dual compression chambers that displace the shock over a broad spectrum. All of this is built in to the stock of the gun to give you, the shooter, better performance and comfort in the field.

Need Assistance?

If you have any additional questions about Thompson/Center Arms technology, what items are covered under warranty or how to use one of our firearms or accessories, please contact the T/C Customer Service Department.