Bolt Action Rifles

Built with the hardcore all-season hunter in mind, Thompson/Center bolt action rifles represent a higher standard of reliable accuracy. Tell more stories about the ones that didn’t get away.

T/C BOLT ACTION RIFLES Cornering the Category

Memorable hunts rarely begin with forgettable rifles. From the long walk in to the long drag out, when you’re carrying a T/C Venture™ II under your arm, you’re as prepared as you’ll ever be to truly make this hunt one to remember.

5R Rifling: Arrival of the Fittest

You can’t count on accuracy unless it’s consistent. T/C bolt-action barrels are uniquely engineered with 5R rifling — meaning there are 5 lands and grooves instead of the traditional 6 — resulting in less bullet deformation from shot to shot and delivering dramatically superior accuracy every time you pull the trigger.

More Calibers. New Possibilities.

Most hunters over the course of their lives shoot multiple game from multiple distances using multiple calibers. The T/C line of rifles covers something for every hunting and shooting situation.

Up-to-the-minute: MOA Accuracy out of the box

Accuracy is a claim of every rifle manufacturer, but one that T/C can prove with its Minute of Angle (MOA) guarantee. For a rifle to be considered MOA, it must shoot a 3-shot group in an inch or less at 100 yards. MOA guaranteed is a gun you can count on from hunt to hunt.

TOTAL PACKAGE PERFORMERS Dependable. Innovative. Accurate.

Some follow tracks. Some make their own mark. Regardless of which T/C bolt action models you choose you will not find better quality, more accurate or more durable hunting rifles for the price anywhere else. Made in the USA and backed by our famous Lifetime Warranty, T/C bolt-action rifles are always on the hunt.

Don’t Bargain with a Bargain Rifle

There are better ways to cut hunting costs than by settling for a rifle you can’t count on. There’s nothing more economically sound than hitting what you aimed at each and every time you pull the trigger, because no hunter can afford a rifle that doesn’t perform. Backed by the MOA guarantee, T/C represents affordable accuracy, consistency and value.


Hey, Mother Nature. Is that all you’ve got?

Some guns don’t come in from the rain. With the corrosion resistant Weather Shield® technology applied to the barrel and other critical metal parts, the reasons to get out there will always outweigh the excuses not to. Environmental testing proves Weather Shield is 50 times more corrosion resistant than stainless steel alone.


I had been shooting the CVS and my wife bought...

I had been shooting the CVS and my wife bought me the T/C Triumph...

- Keith Smith, IL -

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