T/C Venture™ II Rifles

Pressed into your shoulder for the important shots. Carried under your arm for the important moments. These are the T/C Venture bolt action-rifles, the most affordable accuracy for the most precise hunters.

ENGINEERED FOR THE MOMENT T/C's best-selling bolt-action Venture

The bolt-action Venture features a 5R rifled precision barrel, adjustable 3.5-5 lbs. trigger, Hogue traction panels, corrosion resistant-coated bolt and guaranteed MOA accuracy—features unmatched by any other bolt-action rifle that sells for under $500.

Built to perform rain or shine

You never know where the hunt will take you, which is why Thompson/Center adopted its innovative Weather Shield® coating to endure the elements. Fifty times more corrosion resistant than stainless steel, Weather Shield locks out moisture and wear to ensure optimal performance over a lifetime of use and beyond.

5R Rifling leads to a better shot

Different from conventional 6-groove rifling, 5R rifling results in less deformation of the bullet jacket and a better gas seal. It causes less bullet upset and less barrel fouling, leading to a cleaner shot that you can count on hunt after hunt, year after year, with easier cleaning.

Accuracy you can count on with an MOA Guarantee

Out of the box, T/C Venture II rifles are equipped with a minute of angle guarantee, meaning it will shoot a 3 shot group in an inch or less at 100 yards (with premium ammunition). Every gun is certified for accuracy and with an MOA guarantee, you know you have a gun you can rely on hunt after hunt, year after year. 

Get a grip on hunting

Your heart is racing, your palms are sweaty, but your head is cool. With Hogue raised traction panels on the T/C Venture II, you don’t have to worry about missing the perfect shot. These innovative raised grips provide the stability needed to keep you on target in any weather conditions.

T/C Venture™ II

9 available calibers, the Venture’s ergonomic design makes it ideal for any hunt. From coyotes to deer, every Venture’s Hogue* traction panels, lightweight, durable frame construction and MOA accuracy guarantee make this truly a gun “for every season.”



I had been shooting the CVS and my wife bought...

I had been shooting the CVS and my wife bought me the T/C Triumph...

- Keith Smith, IL -

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