T/C Encore® Pro Hunter™

For Thompson/Center hunters, seasons have little to do with the weather. T/C hunters measure their year in trophies and food on the table. When you're an every-season hunter, you deserve a gun built to keep up. The T/C Encore Pro Hunter platform gives you the most accurate shot for any game, year-round.

Change the barrel. Keep the performance.

Build a world-class magnum muzzleloader, a centerfire rifle, special purpose shotgun or compact big bore brush gun. Whatever you build, your Encore will never lose its durability and accuracy. Simply remove two forend screws and the hinge pin to change the barrel. The attached scope (or open sights) stay sighted-in when the barrel is reinstalled later.

12-gauge or 20-gauge?

The Encore Pro Hunter Rifled Slug Gun provides superior accuracy and performance, supported by the versatility of the Encore Pro platform. Barrels come fully rifled for 12 and 20-gauge slugs and patented FlexTech® system to reduce recoil.

Celebrity spotlight: Pro hunters choose the Encore Pro Hunter

Top professional hunters rely on the Encore Pro Hunter platform to perform in the field. Jim Shockey doesn’t just stake his success on the Encore Pro Hunter XT, he stakes his livelihood on it.

Need for speed

Keeping your muzzleloader clean over the course of its life is key to maintaining its accuracy. To make this process easier, the T/C Speed Breech XT® quick release breech plug can be removed by turning it only 90 degrees, eliminating the struggle of seized breech plugs.

More power to you

Available with T/C’s Encore Pro Hunter & Bone Collector® muzzleloaders, the patented Power Rod® features a compact, pivoting handle. The low profile eliminates the need of a palm saver, making loading painless and quick. The Power Rod applies the same seating pressure shot after shot.


The Encore platform offers barrel options for any type of game. 

Keep your options open.

You love to hunt deer, but you’re not just a deer hunter. Turkey season, duck season and predators keep you busy year-round. The Encore Pro Hunter platform leads in versatility, giving you a shot you can count on for every season.

Change the game

With a large selection of available barrels and forends, you can configure your Encore to hunt almost any type of game. Tackle big game with the Encore Pro Hunter XT and turkey with the Encore Pro Hunter Turkey, outsmart nature’s toughest predators with the Encore Pro Hunter Predator or build your own custom configuration.


Rapid Reload

Every T/C muzzleloading rifle, including barrels in the Encore Pro platform, is equipped with the patented Quick Load Accurizor. QLA incorporates a false muzzle design in the barrel of the rifle, aligning the projectile with the rifling at loading for improved accuracy and faster reloading.

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