• The gun of choice for professional hunters like Jim Shockey, the Pro-Hunter Rifled Slug Gun offers the best single-shot performance and shotgun accuracy on the market.

On your next hunt, rely on a gun that delivers industry-leading accuracy and versatility throughout the seasons. Available in 12-or 20-gauge with a 3” chamber, the Encore Pro-Hunter Shotgun Slug features a 28” fully-rifled fluted barrel, ambidextrous Swing Hammer and compatibility with any other Encore Pro Hunter or Encore barrel.

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T/C Encore® Pro Hunter™ Shotgun Slug Models

Caliber Finish/Stock Barrel Length Model # Optics Name Image Caliber Finish/Stock Barrel Length Capacity Length of Pull Overall Length Weight Sights Choke Model # MSRP
12 GA Stainless/FlexTech 28" 28204299 None Encore Pro Hunter Shotgun Slug //www.tcarms.com/images/uploads/models/encore_prohunter_slug4297SM.png 12 GA Stainless/FlexTech 28" Single Shot 14" 42.5" 7.5 lbs. None N/A 28204299 $912 Find A Dealer Buy Now
20 GA Stainless/FlexTech 28" 28204297 None Encore Pro Hunter Shotgun Slug //www.tcarms.com/images/uploads/models/encore_prohunter_slug4297SM.png 20 GA Stainless/FlexTech 28" Single Shot 14" 42.5" 7.5 lbs. None N/A 28204297 $892 Find A Dealer Buy Now


28” Fluted, Fully Rifled Barrel

This fully rifled fluted barrel increases the firearm’s accuracy by increasing the stiffness of the barrel and increasing the barrel’s cooling rate.

Drilled and Tapped for Scope Mount

Every Pro Hunter Rifled Slug Gun comes drilled and tapped for a scope mount (12 gauge model takes T/C scope base #9949, 20 gauge takes #9899) to mount the optic of your choice.

Engraved Stainless Steel Frame

The gun features an engraved stainless steel frame featuring a T/C logo.

IN THE FIELD: Selecting 20 gauge or 12 gauge for your Encore Pro Hunter Slug Gun

Designed to provide optimal accuracy with its 28” fluted, fully rifled barrel, the Pro Hunter Rifled Slug Gun comes configured for 20- and 12-gauge. The gun is engineered to provide top-of-the-line accuracy for both gauges, so choosing between the two slugs is a matter of personal preference.

With a patented FlexTech stock and LimbSaver®* recoil pad, the Pro Hunter Slug recoil for both 12- and 20-gauge slugs, though recoil sensitive shooters often chose the 20-gauge. The rifling optimizes accuracy for the 20-gauge model with a 1:24” twist rate, versus the 1:28” twist rate for the 12- gauge.

With T/C’s patented recoil management system, FlexTech® technology takes the bite out of felt recoil and gives you optimum control and comfort.

The ambidextrous rotating Swing Hammer can be offset to allow easy access to the hammer spur when the gun is scoped.

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