• Available in 12-or 20-guage, the Encore Pro Hunter Turkey is chambered for 3” shells and features Thompson/Center’s popular break-open single-shot design. With adjustable sights with fiber optic inserts, the gun packs a punch and a clear sight picture all day.

You lured that gobbler into range, now take a shot you can trust with your Encore Pro-Hunter Turkey. The shotgun’s Realtree® AP HD®* camo will keep you hidden, while its adjustable fiber optic sights and T/C Extra Full Turkey Choke will keep you on target. After turkey season, you can easily switch to a rifle or muzzleloader barrel for your next hunt.

MSRP $ 892
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T/C Encore® Pro Hunter™ Turkey Models

Caliber Finish/Stock Barrel Length Model # Optics Name Image Caliber Finish/Stock Barrel Length Capacity Length of Pull Overall Length Weight Sights Choke Model # MSRP


FlexTech® Recoil Management

Featuring a patented recoil management system, the Encore Pro Hunter Turkey takes the bite out of muzzle rise and gives you optimum control in wet or dry conditions with an overmolded pistol grip.

T/C Extra Full Turkey Choke

Topping off this turkey gun, the Encore Pro’s extra full turkey choke controls your payload, keeping the maximum amount of pellets on target when firing.

Adjustable Fiber Optic Sights

Premium fiber optic sights help you stay on target, even when that gobbler is obscured by natural debris.

IN THE FIELD: Best ways to conceal yourself and your weapon on a turkey hunt

Turkeys are armed with keen hearing and sharp vision, which makes remaining undetected during a turkey hunt an extreme challenge. Even the smallest movement can startle wary gobblers, making concealment a key part of being successful in the field.

Concealing yourself in a turkey blind or covering up with camouflage is an absolute must. Camouflage your hands and minimize movement when calling—also camouflage your gun or hide colored markings that could spook your prey. Avoid showing exposed skin or colored socks by covering up with a hat, face mask, gloves and dark socks. Never wear the colors red, white and blue, which could be confused with a male turkey and jeopardize your safety with other hunters.

T/C’s Lifetime Warranty keeps the Pro Hunter Turkey performing at its best year-after-year.

Available in camo finishes like Realtree® AP HD®*, the Pro Hunter Turkey provides optimal weapon concealment.

The ambidextrous rotating Swing Hammer can be offset to allow easy access to the hammer spur when the gun is scoped.

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