Buying Group 2018 Fall Show Program
Terms and Conditions


All Program qualifying purchase orders (“POs”) must be received by Smith & Wesson by October 15th,
2018 and call for shipment between July 30, 2018 and November 15, 2018 to qualify for free goods.

Free goods earned from this Program will be calculated based on the actual quantity of product shipped
by Smith & Wesson based on the Fall 2018 Buying Group POs. Free goods earned will be shipped at
Smith & Wesson’s discretion with respect to actual shipment date.

However, please note that only product calling for shipment by November 15, 2018 will qualify for
free goods, and 100% shipment of Program product is not guaranteed.
Smith & Wesson may elect,
at its discretion, to allow Fall Show Program PO products requested for shipment after November 15,
to qualify for free goods.

The Free Goods POs should not be submitted via EDI, but should be emailed directly to Smith &
Wesson Order Management.

Product quantities on at once POs may not be modified, nor may the ship date on such POs be moved.
Any PO cancellations once the Fall Show POs are submitted to Smith & Wesson will be subject to an
adjustment of the corresponding free goods. Future orders may be reduced in quantity up to 25% no less
than 45 days prior to the scheduled ship date. Orders for any product not shipped within 30 days of the
requested ship date may be cancelled. Existing orders placed with Smith & Wesson do not qualify
for the Program, and such orders, upon receipt of these terms and conditions or other notice of
the Program, may not be cancelled, and quantities may not be modified. No price protection of
any on-hand S&W Product inventory is offered.

In order to qualify for the Program, the Buying Group Member’s account with Smith & Wesson must be
current for the entire duration of the Program (including and up to the applicable incentive being
delivered). Further, upon the occurrence and during the continuance of any period of time where the
Buying Group Member’s account with Smith & Wesson is not current, Smith & Wesson shall have the
right to set-off any amounts owed to the Buying Group Member against amounts owed by the Buying
Group Member to Smith & Wesson.

This Program cannot be combined with any other Smith & Wesson offer. Other terms and conditions
may apply. The Program terms and conditions may be changed without notice, and Smith & Wesson
may exclude any products from this offering.