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  • Wounded Warrior Hunt I was selected to hunt for a Wounded Warrior hunt in Pa, I had my TC Venture in 308 sighted in at 100 yards with 168 gr Winchester silver top ammo..
  • Day Two Headed out to pike county illinois to hunt the late muzzle season,and after 2 days of non-stop action i put the ole tc encore to work and took this 150 inch 11pt
  • Big Tom down New Hampshire opening day of turkey hunting came and went in about one hour. Had two nice Tom's come it and I dropped this guy like a bag of sand at 30 yards. Love all my TC options
  • Twelve point buck I shot this buck at 192 yards with a 35 whelen 180 grain Barnes ttsx it was a great day with my TC Pro Hunter. Love this gun this is 3 bucks this year 2013
  • Monster Black Bear Hunted with Roger Sheppard in Newfound Canada on a spring Black Bear hunt. Hunted with custom TC Pro Hunter Katahdin in .375 JDJ. 635 lbs. 21 4/16 skull. First bear which I probably will never top.
  • Mr. …have harvested with my TC Encore in 7 mm Rem. mag. It always performs flawlessly and accurately. I also have a stainless muzzle loader barrel. I'm sure there are more harvest to be made with this rifle in the near future. Thanks TC for your quality and excellence. David A.
  • Jarrod Rowland I shot this 14 pt Buck on 1/31/13 in Gurley Alabama. He grossed 161 & 1/8 with a 21” inside spread. I shot him from 65 Yards with the TC Encore Muzzle-loader, and he didn't take another step.
  • First 190’s Buck …the BDC nikon and TC encore powder/ bullet combination that is recommended for ballistics.Long story that created my luck of seeing this buck on a spot and stalk coming out of switch grass. 170 plus yard shot,wasn't really sure how nice this deer was until after the hit and he…
  • Father and Son 2015 was an amazing year, Jose (father) harvested this rare Quebec monster buck and his son Olivier got his first deer ever, a respactable 8 pointer coming in at approx 200 lbs field dressed, all with our Prohunter FX. Thanks TC for a Dream year ! see you soon…..........
  • TC Omega Does It Again …rest is history. My TC Omega is my favorite firearm for a reason, it always works and its dead accurate.
  • The ghost …in front of my TC Encore.He came to my stand on a cold December day and I was able to put him down at 65 yes. Best deer I have ever taken- 172 6/8 non typical
  • Late season bull elk …200 yards, so my TC Omega was out but I borrowed a TC Venture in .300 WSM from a friend. The afternoon of our first day found us with 18 bulls spread out across the horizon about 1,000 yards out. We selected the bull I was going to shoot and…
  • Alabama 6pt Muzzleloader Buck Killed 11/20/13 with my TC Prohunter 209 Muzzleloader at at 115 yards. The buck was determined by biologist according to the jawbone to be 8 1/2 to 9 years old. The buck weighed 221 pounds and had 26 7/8” main beams with a 25” spread. The buck scored 129 7/8”.
  • Early season Gobbler …youth weekend with his TC Pro Hunter 20ga. Killing two public land gobblers in two days at Ft Knox and filling a ky state tag also! 3 mature gobblers in 3 sets for an advanced 7 year old handling the shotgun!
  • My New Mexico Monster …me. I chose the TC Pro Hunter in a .300 Win Mag topped with a good Leopold scope. My hunt finally arrived and as you can see in the picture it was a huge success! My bull scored 388 and is at my taxidermist right now being mounted. My TC…
  • Catskill Mountatin Black Bear …NYBBC Record books. Thanks TC, for making a high quality, US built product!
  • My first buck …it. I raised my TC Encore and lined up my shot, an area through the branches about 8 square inches, where he would pass through. When I pulled the trigger, of course without fail and all the confidence the Encore can give. I hit him. A perfect shot. My husband…
  • First Rifle Purchase.  First Morning Hunting with the TC Venture …him with my new TC Venture 30-06. I cannot wait to shoot this gun for life.
  • Monster mulie …lifetime was mine. Thanks TC
  • My First Muzzleloader I bought my TC Encore muzzleloader in May for my second year hunting in Illinois. On 12/3/2015 (opening day of the second firearm season) I shot this 150” deer at 2:30 p.m. He was about 55-60 yards away in the woods and the shot broke both front shoulders. The deer…